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Nsubuga Ronnie
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Nakku Marion Musimenta ,who is best known for her unique curvy beauty and lively nature is not just a beauty queen, but also a hardworking, determined and career-oriented lady. Nakku is currently the Miss Tourism Buganda from the Ffumbe clan. Nakku was Born on the 5th of February 1997 by Lutwaama Charles and Omumbejja Ndagire. She recently started up her Tour Company in the names of Marion UG Safaris.

In an interview with Nsubuga Ronnie, the serene beauty, shared her thoughts, experiences, and aspirations to the world thus becoming one of the first people to tell her experiences with our Star Adventures category aimed at telling stories and experiences from talented Ugandan Stars.

Below is the transcript of her interview-

1.In your own words, who is a beauty queen?

A beauty Queen is a mentor and role model, whose role is to be a voice in-line with all the societal issues and problems affecting the general public.

2.What inspired you to contest for Miss Tourism Buganda?

I was Inspired by my own dreams and goals that are mainly to be an inspiration to others due to my own personal background, and my love for tourism is another reason why I contested for the pageant.

3.How has pageantry helped you as a person?

It has helped me reach a couple of people I wanted to inspire with my title aswell as reach other personal goals and associate with a particular class of people Both high-end and the general public at large.

4.Tell us about your Miss Tourism Buganda title and How did you feel when you won the crown?

About the crown, it’s a pleasure to have it and I felt like it's a dream come true when I got the crown.

5.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself as a much better entrepreneur and inspirational person than I am today.

6.What is fashion to you?

To me, fashion is the sense of art within one's self in regards to trend and style.

7.As Miss Tourism Buganda, what does it take for one to be a tourism ambassador like you?

It takes passion, courage, hardwork, discipline, humility, being informed, and prayer above all.

8.Something that you want our readers to know about you?

Oh! Basically, as a person, I am not an exceptional, being who I am today has been a journey that didn't start just a year ago or days ago, it's been a process and learning about what I had Passion for each and every single day. It's been hardwork without relaxing but continuously striving hard.

9.What do you feel is the most important part of a reign?

The entire reign is important; however, the beginning is very vital and it's a highlight of what the entire reign will look like.

10.What do you like most about pageantry?

Pageantry gives a platform to very Many Young girls to represent their views and ideas in the World.

11.Who is Nsubuga Ronnie to you?

Mr. Nsubuga Ronnie is a mentor and role model in the fashion, pageantry and modelling world, aswell as Career wellbeing.

12.What support did you get from Buganda Kingdom?

Honesty, I should say there's absolutely no support I've received from the kingdom.

13.What is the most important thing you did to prepare for this title?

Self confidence techniques.

14.What does a regular day look like for Miss Tourism Buganda?

Personally, my day is always a busy one due to my work schedules that vary from shift to shift, so each day is different, however my day starts with prayer and morning exercises, and ends with evening exercises and night prayers.

15.What is your favorite Tourism destination in Buganda Region?

Ssese Island in Kalangala District

16.What makes you happy?

Travel, Travel and Travel.

17.What activity in your life do you find rewarding?

I think everything activity I lay my hands on is rewarding to me.

18.You have been a Queen before the pandemic and during. What difference has it brought you? Did anything change?

Yes, alot has changed, however some have been for better and others have been hard to some extent. The positive changes have been mainly in line with adjusting to the normal trend of embracing more social media as the main tool of communication.

19.What will you tell your future kids about these times?

Oh, my goodness! I will surely tell them how tough these times have been, and how the world can change in a blink of an eye.

20.Past or present: Which beauty Queen do you admire the most from any system and why?

I admire myself because I have surely witnessed how I have inspired many people both boys and girls- women and men of my age, younger and older than me.

21.What has been the most challenging part being Miss Tourism Buganda and representing the region in Miss Tourism Uganda?

Lack of support from the kingdom to a greater extent has been the biggest challenge to me.

22.Describe beauty in 3 words.

Beauty is discipline, hardwork, inspirational.

23.Many people talked about your curves when you contested for Miss tourism Buganda, are you proud of your body?

I think whoever was following the pageant talked about my curves according to the information analysis I have and that gave me more courage to prove many wrong who thought I couldn't make it as a curvy girl. And yes, I am very Proud of my body 100%.

24.Beauty pageants provide an avenue for female empowerment too. In your perspective, what does female empowerment mean to you and what are the ways women can empower other women?

Female or women empowerment is the art of giving a platform to women in various sectors.

Women can empower fellow women by continuously encouraging one another about all spheres of life and through giving a hand to each other to uplift their wellbeing.

25.What would your advice be to the young women who would want to participate in pageantry and Miss Tourism, in specific?

My advice to them is to have self belief, think positive and stay focused.

26.what does heritage mean to you?

Heritage is the preservation of culture and customs of one's ethnicity and background.

27.So, what’s next for you in the long run after Miss Tourism Buganda? Any future projects that you’re working on right now?

Currently I am handling my personal Tour company called Marion Ug Safaris, and it's what I am focusing on mainly aswell as my other personal projects yet to be unveiled, God willing.

28.Which make-up brand you prefer to use?

I love keeping my natural look in most cases, however when I use make-up, I prefer Mac Cosmetics.

29.Who is your favorite designer? And why?

I am my favourite designer because I actually go on ground to look out for my closet designs that I feel comfortable, smart and standout in line with my body.

30.Tell us about your first experience when you walked on the ramp.

It was quite tricky and I felt nervous since I wasn't used to it, however in a few days I was the most confident person on the ramp.

31.Many people have felt low and alone during This Covid 19 Lockdown. How do you keep yourself strong in those moments?

Oh, my goodness! Yes sure, infact I have a couple of friends who breakdown due to the effects of the lockdown in their lives. It's not easy Indeed, and I admit that attimes I also feel low; however, I have tried to ensure I eliminate something called being idle nomatter what! As a poet and reader, I keep myself More locked in my novel corner and always work out from home to keep fit mentally, physically and emotionally.

32.Tell us about your ward rope throughout the week?

My ward rope is more of Office wear dresses and Heelz, however on particular days I switch to casual smart to blend in with other looks.

33.What has been your favorite pageant experience?

It's definitely been in Miss Tourism Buganda bootcamp where equality, honesty and fairness were ultimate.

34.Which is your favorite food?

My favourite food is quite unique I should say, because it's a mixture of matooke and beans with ghee.

35.Which spot in Kampala would you take a tourist for the best cuisine.

Sheraton Hotel Kampala

36.Who would you share with a cup of coffee in the tourism industry of Uganda and why?

Mr Amos Wekesa is one of those people I would love to share a cup of coffee with, because he has pushed to the extreme for the beauty of Uganda's Tourism industry and development.

37.What is the reason behind your success?

Prayer and self motivation.

38.What are your 3 favorite places to travel to your Uganda?

1. Kidepo Valley National Park

2. Ssese Island

3. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
39.If you could live anywhere other than your country, where would you like to live?

France or Croatia

40.Do you have any secret talent?

Oh, my goodness, yes, I do! I am so good at Scrabble.
41.What are the ways to impress you?

Wooow, amazing question! I am not so hard to impress, it takes a few vital things though to impress me, however it's simple on the other side because honesty and being real to one's self is ultimate to me.