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Gloria Lynnette Kwagala was Born in May 1994 in Mengo, Kampala, to parents, Mr and Mrs Matovu. Lynnette graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in procurement and logistics management from Uganda Christian University in October 2017. Thereafter she offered a course in Airline Cabin Crew from Uganda aviation academy and graduated in December 2019.

During the 2018 Miss Uganda competition, Gloria Kwagala contested with over 21 other contestants to win the Miss Uganda Central Title for the year 2018-2019 in the competitions that were held at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

In an interview with Nsubuga Ronnie, Gloria Lynnette Kwagala shared her thoughts, experiences, and aspirations to the world thus becoming one of the first Beauty Queens to tell her experiences with our Star Adventures category aimed at telling stories and experiences from talented Ugandan Stars.

Below is the transcript of her interview-

1. In your own words, who is a beauty queen?

A beauty queen is a woman of power and positive influence. She has a strong character, is consistent, ambitious, stands on principles, and believes in beauty with a purpose.

2. What inspired you to contest for Miss Uganda?

Contesting for miss Uganda has always been my childhood dream. I believe that every single child deserves a right to a beautiful future. We need education, somebody that can stand with us and be our voice. Miss Uganda is the platform I needed to be that voice to the younger generation with the keep a girl child in school program.

3. How has pageantry helped you as a person?

Pageantry has helped me grow as an individual and changed my perspective towards life. I have become a positive role model to society.

4. Tell us about your Miss Uganda Central title and How did you feel when you won the crown?

Winning the Central Queen title was an answered prayer and a dream come true. I was exhilarated because I got a platform that I would use to effect some change in society.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

5 years from now, I see myself owning a line that will benefit people around the globe.

6. What is fashion to you?

According to me, fashion is a form of expression and autonomy in a specific context of lifestyle, clothing, footwear, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture.

7. In your own opinion, what does it take for one to be a beauty queen?

For one to be a beauty queen, one must embody true beauty. For me, true beauty is anything that is towards the likeliness of God. It constitutes cleanliness of the body and spirit, pureness of the heart and soul as well as the goodness of actions and deeds.

8. Something that you want our readers to know about you?

Something about me

I am an optimistic person; I positively look at things knowing that the glass is half full and not half empty.

9. What do you feel is the most important part of a reign?

The most important part of a reign is relevance. Your benefit to the people and society you represent matters that is why it is important to have purpose.

10. What do you like most about pageantry?

Pageantry serves as a training ground for young people who plan to handle key roles in society because it lets them become aware and engage in different social issues and problems. Pageantry also allows young people to express themselves, educate people and bring hope.

11. Who is Nsubuga Ronnie to you?

Nsubuga Ronnie is a brother, mentor, friend, name it.

He possesses a clear vision, courage integrity, and focus. It’s admirable how he looks at projects through from conception to completion. I allude to his kindness and ambition. With selfless prominence, he helps people achieve their goals. May God Bless the work of his hand.

12. What support did you get from The Miss Uganda Organization?

The Miss Uganda Foundation has been supportive from the day I was crowned Queen. I thank the Miss Uganda Fraternity for the opportunity to be crowned Miss Uganda Central 2018/2019 because it’s a platform that has allowed me to fulfill my purpose in society.

13. What is the most important thing you did to prepare for this title?

While preparing for this title, I did a lot of research. Research about my region and the entire country at large.

I also did a lot of pageant training which in turn enabled me to become a better person.

14. What does a regular day look like for Miss Uganda?

A regular day for miss Uganda is not extraordinary.

It has been planned out and the achievement of daily tasks is accomplished.

15. What is your favorite destination in Uganda?

My favorite destination in Uganda is my home village in Masaka District. That’s where my story begins.

16. What makes you happy?

What makes me happy is being aware of my happiness. I realized that my happiness is not dependent on external things but a choice I make in every moment. I practice being happy every day; I choose happiness no matter how bad things might be, that sets me free.

Seeing other people happy makes me happy.

17. What activity in your life do you find rewarding?

Blessing other people is rewarding. The bible says that it is more blessed to give than to receive. As a result, God has rewarded my selfless heart more.

18. You have been a Queen before the pandemic? Imagine if you were still one. What difference would you bring to the world today during the pandemic?

Even with the pandemic, I would still reach out and inspire the younger generation around the globe by organizing educative conferences through various social media platforms

19. What will you tell your future kids about your pageant times?

I will tell my children that their mother was and Is still a positive role model to many people around the world. In addition to that, I will encourage and support them to work hard towards the achievement of their goal as well as following their dreams. Being a beauty Queen was a childhood dream that I brought to reality.

20. Past or present: Which beauty Queen do you admire the most from any system and why?

Miss World 2018/2019, Vanessa Ponce De Leon. She’s a true definition of a beauty queen; humble, ambitious, empathetic and defines Beauty with a Purpose.

21. What has been the most challenging part of being Miss Uganda Central and representing the central region in Uganda?

No significant challenges.

22. Describe beauty in 3 words.

For me, true beauty is anything that is towards the likeliness of God. It constitutes cleanliness of the body and spirit, pureness of the heart and soul as well as the goodness of actions and deeds.

23. What is your definition of Beauty with a purpose?

Beauty with a purpose is what I embody and how I choose to live my life as a Queen. I truly believe that one can make a difference in other peoples’ lives every single day, no matter how big or small. Beauty with a purpose has allowed me to become the best version of myself and enabled me to give back to the communities and charities that have helped me and others.

24. Beauty pageants provide an avenue for female empowerment too. In your perspective, what does female empowerment mean to you and what are the ways women can empower other women?

Female empowerment is promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine choices as well as their right to influence social change for themselves and others.

Women can empower other women by Boosting each other’s self-esteem

25. What would your advice be to the young women who would want to participate in pageantry and Miss Uganda, in specific?

Shut down negativity

Be open and honest

Advocate for female colleagues

Lead by example

Become a mentor

Support women-run businesses

Know your worth

Fight against injustice

Show appreciation for women in your life

Keep a girlchild in school

Donate to women’s shelters

Support organizations that empower women.

Young ladies that would like to participate in beauty pageants;

Have a purpose for participating in the pageant

Have a beauty with a purpose project

You’re representing a society therefore you should embody a true representation of the people.

26. As a Muganda, what does heritage mean to you?

Heritage is a cultural process, an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions, and values. It is a tradition that engages with the present.

27. So, what have you been up to after Miss Uganda?

I am still implementing my beauty with a purpose projects in different communities and societies around the world

28. Which make-up brand do you prefer to use?


29. Who is your favorite designer? And why?

All designers have unique styles attached to their brand; that is why I don’t have a favorite designer. They’re all good at what they do.

30. Tell us about your first experience when you walked on the ramp.

My first experience was an amazing one. That was in 2008 when I became the Face of MACOS. It was a step closer to my dream of becoming Miss Uganda someday.

31. Many people have felt low and alone during This Covid 19 Lockdown. How do you keep yourself strong in those moments?

It is in these moments that we soliloquize about life and realize our potential. Self-actualization in this season helped me fulfill my talents and potentialities.

32. Tell us about your word rope throughout the week?

My wardrobe is pretty simple. What I wear depends on the weather forecast and what I’m going to do on a given day.

33. What has been your favorite pageant experience?

My favorite pageant experience is being a positive role model to the younger generation. Reaching out to them in the various societies and seeing them look up to me has been a humbling experience. I am truly honored.

34. Which is your favorite food?

Irish potatoes and anything for which Irish is a recipe.

35. Which spot in Kampala would you take a tourist for the best cuisine.

I would take a tourist to 2k Restaurant. It is the one spot to go for a variety of Ugandan cuisines.

36. Who would you share with a cup of coffee in the fashion industry of Uganda and why?

I would share a cup of coffee with a couple of personalities in the fashion industry of Uganda including Kaijuka Abaas, Anita Beryl, Kasule Allan Raphael, Giulio Molfese, Walter Keys, Moses Mbogo, Joram Muzira, Nsubuga Ronnie, among others because they have a lot to bring to the table.

37. What is the reason behind your success?

God is the reason behind my success because He is the source of all things beautiful.

38. What are your 3 favorite places to travel to your Uganda?

All regions in Uganda are worth the travel.

 39. If you could live anywhere other than your country, where would you like to live?

The USA, where I am living right now.

40. Do you have any secret talent?

No secret talent.

 41. What are the ways to impress you?

Honesty impresses me the most.

42. Today you live in the UK. What’s your current occupation there?

I live in the United States of America and I am a Fashion model.

43. What’s your favorite song right now?

Until Grace by Tauren Wells is my best song at the moment.

44. If a movie was made about your life, what genre would it be? And who would play you?

The movie would be a combination of comedy, drama, thriller, fantasy, and adventure.

45. Describe yourself in three words…

Optimistic, Ambitious, Meticulous.

Optimistic, I positively look at things knowing that the glass is half full and not halfway empty

 Ambitious, I have a strong desire and determination to succeed. I wish to attain worldly success so I put the fourth the effort toward this end.

Meticulous; I show great attention to detail. I am very careful and precise.

46. If there was one person you could exchange lives with, who would it be? And why?

None. I wouldn’t exchange my life with anybody. I would still be me. I know that there’s a work in this world that I alone could do, a space that I alone could fill, and a sound that I alone could make.

47. What advice would you give to aspiring models and Beauty queens?

Aspiring models and beauty queens, always remember that you are beautiful, worthy, important, special, unique, talented, and irreplaceable. Believe in yourself and work hard towards the achievement of your goals.

48. What kind of child were you growing up?

Well-behaved stubborn child.

49. Many people think modeling is just about style and makeup. What’s your take on this?

There’s more to it than just the style and makeup. It is a platform of relevance to society.

50. If you could go back to the past, is there anything you would change?

I would not change anything from the past. The society we live in and the people we are today are products of the past. The past is something to the cherished; whether sad or happy. It is a memory full of lessons and insights that we use today as a platform to see what lies ahead. It is a part of history that must be respected and treated as a clue to success and progress.