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In marriage, love is not enough

In marriage, love is not enough

We have all heard the adage; marry your friend simply because friends make the best partners in marriage.

Ronnie Nsubuga and Catherine Nankinga are two friends who later found that they could not live without the other and decided to get married.


The couple first met on December 28, 2017, when a mutual friend introduced them.

“She insisted that I greet this woman who had always wanted to meet me,” Nsubuga recalls.

“Well, we met, exchanged numbers and then, slowly, got to know each other.” Nsubuga says that their interactions eventually led to a profound friendship.

In marriage, love is not enough - Nsubuga

“In a way, she became my best friend. She was always there for me and it did not matter what situation I was going through, all I had to do was let her know and she would come running,” he says, adding that as time went on, he realized that Nankinga had all the qualities he admired in a partner, which started their romance journey.


Besides Nankinga’s physical beauty, Nsubuga says he fell in love with her because she is honest, kind, has a sense of humor as well as good listening and communication skills.

Nsubuga currently works in the fashion industry and although his job means he is always surrounded by beautiful girls, it never crossed his mind to settle down with any of them.

When asked what attracted her to Nsubuga, Catherine says “I have always admired tall men and looking at my husband, his height was a plus. He is also understanding and very caring. He is fond of always asking if I am okay. And, when I am not fine, he can easily tell and will find a way to make me feel better.”

At the time they were still dating, Nankinga says Nsubuga was always concerned about her to the extent that he was fond of visiting her late in the night to discover whether she was okay.


The couple opted to make their relationship official with Nsubuga first visiting Nankinga’s family on August 10, 2019. A few weeks later on September 7, 2019, the couple held their introduction ceremony and their wedding on May 30, 2020 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Parish Church, in Gayaza, Wakiso District.

“We opted for a scientific ceremony after the President issued a directive against mass gatherings,” Nsubuga says, adding, “Our other motivations for holding the event were from Enock Musasizi Kaziimba’s scientific wedding. He is a son to Rt Rev Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, the 9th Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. If they can do it, why not us?”

Nankinga says the church event was the most magical moment for her. “My father walking me down the aisle and later seeing Ronnie waiting for me at the altar was all I had ever hoped,” she says.

The couple ensured that the reception was done by 5 pm to give the guests ample time to beat the 7 pm curfew. Nsubuga says in total, they had about 40 people at the reception.

The highs and lows

The couple say the advantage of holding a small ceremony was that it did not cost them much money.

However, they say, a number of their family members, friends and workmates missed out.

Nankinga says so far, marriage is good and they are taking one day at a time, learning from one another.

Nsubuga agrees with his wife adding, “We have been together for some time, therefore, it is not that hard. The difference between then and now is that we get more respect because we are married officially.”


For couples intending to marry;

Ronnie says Catherine comes from a decent honorable family, which he says instilled in his wife good manners that keep her grounded and respectful. Therefore, his advice to men is to always know the kind of family where your partner comes from.

He adds that in marriage love is not enough. Therefore, marry someone who brings out the best in you and who will stand by your side even in bad times. Take time to know each other but while not forgetting to pray and putting God at the center of your relationship.

Catherine advises women to always pray for the kind of man you want and God will give him to you.