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Nsubuga Ronnie
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Miss Tourism Buganda is a leadership platform for ambitious beautiful young girls in Buganda and the central region of Uganda.

Through a pageantry process, participants receive tourism marketing skills, networking, business and life skills to become good tourism ambassadors with an aim to promote Buganda to the world.

The organisation is headed by Nsubuga Ronnie,who works as a Director and a cluster head.With his leadership since 2014,Miss Tourism Buganda has never been the same as he works so hard towards the success of every queen that wears the crown.

The Purpose of The Miss Tourism Buganda Organisation.

Miss Tourism Buganda Organisation presents an exceptional podium for every county (Ssaza) to present itself, its people, its culture, environment, heritage, tourism, peculiarity and prospects for humanitarian initiative enterprises through a regional class beauty pageant.

We endeavor to create a platform for young women from the age of 18 to 27 to indicate their efforts towards sustainable development and encouraging of peace, environment, tourism, culture and Heritage.

Nakku Marion Musimenta

Meet The Current Queen Nakku Marion Musimenta.

Nakku Marion Musimenta

She is the current Miss Tourism Buganda from Mawogola County in Buganda. Nakku is from the Ffumbe Clan. A Daughter to Lutwaama Charles and Omumbejja Ndagire.

Nakku Marion was crowned Miss Tourism Buganda in August 2019 at the Uganda National Museum on an event that attracted thousands of people including parents, Officials from Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre, Uganda Tourism Board, Miss Tourism Uganda and Buganda Kingdom.

Nakku Was crowned and made an Ambassador of Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre formally known as the Zoo up to date.

Miss Tourism Is a platform for women empowerement.

At Miss Tourism Buganda, we consciously transform the definition of pageantry and beauty plus the roles they play in our society. With outstanding respect for our organizational long-lasting legacy of using beauty to promote Our Culture and Tourism through pageantry, Young women in Buganda are our true driving force.

As we appreciate who we are, we also remember that we live in an era where women’s rights are well-known but dismally upheld. Miss Tourism Buganda is also a platform for female empowerment, we strive to set an example of inclusivity, diversity and the power of the female voice in our societies.

Our contestants are young Ugandan women from a decent “Baganda” background who uphold the true traits of beauty and the most beautiful women among the bantu speaking people.

Miss Tourism Buganda has a powerful voice that captivates and draws people in. Her physical and emotional strength underpins her determination, commitment and flexibility. She is fueled by her work for others but is dedicated to the wellbeing of her own body, mind and soul. She is a born leader who trailblazes trend, discourse and social change.

All Miss Tourism Buganda Queens

She takes enormous pride in her heritage, her story and her distinctive features that communicate these.

Her greatest assets are her confidence, her sense of worth and her determination to leave behind a meaningful legacy.

Formal Queens in the Organisation.

2014 - 2015

Rehema Najjengo

2015 - 2016

2016 - 2018

Nakaye Magret

2019 - 2021