Nsubuga Ronnie
Nsubuga Ronnie
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Nsubuga Ronnie


Kristiana Fashion Launch

Show Production

Kristiana Fashion Launch

The stage before the show

I produced the Kristiana Fashion Show Launching a new Brand in the fashion market in Uganda.

Despite the Covid 19 pandemic first wave that saw all most all events in town shut down and extended, we never gave up with our prayer to have the maiden show. This show got me fasting and praying so hard for it to pass as it was my only end of the year event.

Wednesday 16 December 2020 will go down in memory lane for Kristiana Nakato Kayanja, the daughter of Miracle Center Cathedral Lead Pastor, Robert Kayanja as the day she made her debut in the fashion industry.

With a strong team from My closest Wife, Pastor Jessica Kayanja together with her secretary Pastor Julian, we managed to surpass all our fears of holding an event in the middle of the pandemic. I managed to Carry out one of the biggest casting calls that saw over 100 models together with my own Crystal Models.

We ran a series of meetings that included an over sight of production, the big numbers of Garments to be showcased, Fitting dates, Model Training and Rehearsals, Service providers etc.

God was on our side, everything about the preparations moved on smoothly even when most people had started to close out of Town including me. I was forced to close office permanently due to the fear of the Covid 19 Virus.

Stage Rehearsals and final fittings

On Tuesday 15, We nearly slept at the venue to see off everything, from the stage to lighting, to Backstage, Makeup, To the music, the show hosts and entertainers, etc. Fashion show production is never easy as most people think. A big Thanks to the Fenon Events team headed by Steve jean. The stage was amazing, the decoration was on point and the rehearsals went on very well. It takes a whole entire Team to bring success to everything. We closed that day with almost everything ready for the next day.

The Main Day.

Miracle Centre Cathedral has one of the most organized teams of very talented people from their production headed by Robert Junior to the top leaders in the church.

The show was slated for close to three hours including a cocktail of very important dignitaries from the government, business men, socialites, beauty queens, top celebrities, and people in the fashion industry.

Kristiana wanted an international experience without too many breaks and no entertainers therefore a great challenge for my team backstage. We managed to coordinate the show and pulled it off in 40 minutes.

The kristiana fashion showcase was so different from the usual fashion events in town from the Red carpet, the guests Cocktail, the guests that turned up, The big numbers of Models backstage, The fashion show stage, The beautiful sounds of music from the DJ, the live streaming and Tv production team from Channel 44 etc.

In conclusion

"The fashion industry in Uganda needs a strong backup of the government to the creative market. Fashion is not only the fashion designers or the models people see on the catwalk, the production is huge and very comprehensive than what meets the eye, it has tailors, graphic designers, Makeup artists, producers, cast directors, creative directors, marketers to name a few. the opportunities are mild and now interesting a lot of the youth who make the biggest population in the land."

The sector is still growing and not yet well set up thus lacking a good bankable strategy to challenge markets like that in Milan and New York or Paris. Many Ugandans in the fashion industry are still in the beginning phases where their brands are still growing up and in development therefore we have not yet got the capacity to produce the thousands of pieces needed to outcompete the international standards.

The demand for local fashion is likely to be boasted further by the growing urban middle class and like banking, agriculture or even the oil and gas sectors, the industry could return billions of shillings if it is well structured and supported by the government.

Therefore, I call upon the government to invest in the fashion industry. The creative industry should come together and work towards uplifting the pearl of Africa to the international scene.

I continue to thank Kristiana Nakato Kayanja,the new fashion designer on the block together with her parents,Pastor Robert and Jessica Kayanja together with my whole entire team that made this show happen for the opportunity.