Nsubuga Ronnie
Nsubuga Ronnie
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The Miss Culture Uganda is a culturally constructed ambassadorial national beauty contest, annually organized by Nsubuga Ronnie. The Miss Culture Contests initiative is a platform for young women of today to find their sense of belongingness in society and empower their purpose in life.

Miss Culture Uganda Beauty Pageant aims majorly on advocating for the restoration, preservation, appreciation, promotion, and celebration of the use of the elements of traditional and contemporary culture and heritage of Uganda for the betterment of humanity socially and economically through various platforms which include showcasing the Cultural ethics of the Ugandan people, promoting of the Ugandan Languages, Music, Clothing/Fashion, as well the food of the people from the 65 constitutionally recognized unique tribes and indigenous communities. These are all embedded in the pageant as contestants are exposed to various cultural activities such as showcasing traditional and cultural attires of various cultures, showcasing Ugandan made wears, showcasing traditional and cultural Music and Dance as well cultural cooking competitions among others which are all exciting platforms for Cultural ethics.

Slogan: “My Heritage, My Pride”, with this slogan, the organization aims at creating unique campaigns that will establish a sense of pride in our different cultural heritage backgrounds. As we help the contestants in this competition affirm their culture as individuals, they will find comfort in their identity and thus their pride.

While we come from different backgrounds, we are Africans not because we are Black, but because the sun lights our paths. I believe that it is very important to embrace who we are, our cultures, and our uniqueness, which opens the door to creativity, fashion, and other beautiful things. To know where we are going in life, it is important to acknowledge and embrace who we are and where we come from.

Our Goal: Our goal is to provide every contestant with the necessary skills to become intelligent and informed with a self-driven career.

Today, Miss Culture Uganda is going to be a year-round business, a platform with a leading voice for women’s rights, and an opportunity to effect social change. Furthermore, the organization will continue to adapt to the requirements of our time.

Due to COVID-19 and the effects of the lockdown, the organization had to think outside the box and be as innovative as possible to come up with a new way of showcasing our cultural heritage in the form of a beauty contest. The Miss Culture Uganda organization is now busy scouting for the 1st titleholder which stands for four pillars – Empowerment, Duty, Competition, and Beauty through auditions that will be held publicly and digitally.

Mission: To engage young women in the society to promote awareness of the culture and heritage of their tribes; To build connections with each culture/tribe, promoting empathy, equity, and understanding; To continue the legacy, preserving one’s values, respecting one’s belief and understanding one’s culture.

Vision: Miss Culture Uganda prioritizes the importance of the culture and heritage of each tribe. The organization engages women in social involvement in giving back to their communities. We aim to support their causes for culture and heritage, providing them with international platforms and affiliations that would help them in educating, empowering, and enriching, achieving holistic development for their communities around the Nation.